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Hello there. Thank you so much for checking out our website and we really hope to be welcoming you at Le Moulin sometime soon! We are Rowan and Laura and after a lot of people asking, here is some quick information about us...


We purchased Le Moulin de Chazotte in early 2016. It was a somewhat impetuous decision having first seen it in September 2015 and falling totally in love with the mill, the gites, the gardens, the surrounding area and France in general. Seriously, this place is a little piece of heaven and we are so excited to have the privilege to live here and to share it with lots of lovely guests.


Rowan is from New Zealand, Laura is English and before moving here, we spent ten years living in Zurich, Switzerland. Our little moulin family is completed with our son, Alfred, who was born in January 2019, two dogs - Rémy Martin (a black labrador) and Martell (a rascal of a terrier), a crazy goat and a handful of chickens.

So, enough about us! If you want to know more, come and visit and we can share a glass of wine or two on the terrace. If you are thinking of buying a property in France and want to glean our pearls of wisdom (or maybe more nuggets of what not to do), please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can also follow our daily adventures and exploits on our instagram.

We are the Wickhams

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